• Batman (1989) Back to the classics. This almost all black costume looks great, and has survived multiple close scrapes with Catwoman, The Penguin and The Joker.

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  • The New 52 Batman's new look from 2011 in the comics, it is packed with impact countermeasures and industrial- grade gadgets. I'm also a HUGE fan of the completely grey torso, apart from the jet- black bat insignia on his chest.

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  • The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises The all- black look is sure to strike fear into the merciless hearts of the Gotham underworld. It is given a more realistic look than the above and below and makes hiding between the shadows easy. text

  • Batsuit version 8.03 (Arkham Knight, second suit.) A truly awesome entry indeed. This suit was used during the happening of Batman: Arkham Knight. Extremely mechanical too. It uses triple weave kevlar over liquid body armour. It was needed to defeat the likes of Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. It even uses the enemy's bewilderment (when Batman sneaks up on someone) to incapacitate the enemy with one punch. Highly helpful in a room full of assailants.

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  • Batman Beyond This is my all- time favourite suit ever made. Ever. It can turn invisisible, become a flimsy as cloth when not in use, fire batarangs like bullets from guns and summon the legendary future batwing. Yes, it's based in the future. In an alternate future, an aged Bruce Wayne passes the Batman role to Terry McGinnis. Terry, in turn, becomes as good a Batman as Bruce himself. Terry is faced with new challenges, and the return of an old foe, The Joker. (To find out more, watch Batman Beyond: The Return of The Joker.) It's good. The batsuit even hides the cape between the back. So, the cape doesn't get in the way of running. It is only deployed when needed (gliding, mostly.) But the best of the suit's many looks is the sharp red bat insignia. It gives an intimidating look. And that's especially important when fighting future villains.